To insist the principle of "Quality makes reputation, Shin Yih promises Quality", Shin Yih Precision Casting Co., Ltd. Expects to creative a win-win status with all customers, that has made Shin Yih win a good reputation in the field of Lost-wax Casting. Recently, with gaining the certificate ofISO 9002, it has been greatly enhanced the efficiency of QC and the niche of operation.
       It has been 10 years since Shin Yih established in 1998. Currently, the products are including stainless categories which yearly production is 300 tons such as valve, food and hardware parts; carbon steel categories which yearly production is 200 tons such as weapon, electron, air-activated tool, packing machine, compress, textile parts; and the other mechanic hardware parts…etc. Shin Yih is aggressively planning to obtain AD-WO/TRD 100 material testing approval from Lai-in Co., of German in order to be internationalized in the field of Lost-wax Casting. 
Shin Yih conducted the Quality Assurance System of ISO from February of 1998 and gained the certificate in this year. At present, it has built up total quality control system, fulfilled checking without asking and set efficient process management. In addition, it can know well market information, production process, cost instruction and customer needs in order to provide valuable products and services to customers. 
      On inner management, Shin Yih instills all superintendents to have the concept of "to figure out the better method to do the same thing everyday", to have the attitude of " to be unafraid to make wrong things, only afraid nothing to do" and to have the bosom of "no personal heroism, only help each other in group", that forms the characteristic of management - honest and reliable, mature, and responsible. Besides, all staffs in Shin Yih are young, diligent in study and voluntary in work, that makes the process of quality, production schedule and cost be better than before. 
      It is a trend that Lost-wax Casting is become more precise and professional.The future planning of Shin Yih is including "to computerize in administrative management, to do process in machine and automation, to shorten operation time, to reduce manpower, to promote job efficiently and to lower indirect costs"; " to meet ISO requirements, to acquire customer's agreement and promote the competition of market"; "to strengthen the ability of technique, to enhance professional training in order to go toward international market for unceasing business".