Lost Wax Casting

(1)Thin wall casting :

The thickness can be 0.5mm.

(2)Precise dimension and smooth surface :

The dimension tolerence be ±0.5-1.0%.
The surface roughness can be 2-20μ

(3)Shapes of parts can be any complicated ones :

The presision casting can make any kinds of complicated shapes, in case the sand casting, forging or machining can not make them.

(4)Special and precise surface of parts :

Can make the special design of surface on parts, don't need an electrolytic process.

(5)Complicated maching parts :

Lost wax casting can save a lots of machining process, in order to provide low cost parts and fast delivery.

(6)Parts difficult to machining :

Some special alloys are hard to machining which can be made by precision casting.

(7)Some high valuable materials :

The precision casting without lost any extra materials can make the parts of high valuable of materials.

(8)Can be used at any materials :

Such as Iron ,Steel, alloy, Stainless Steel, Bronze alloy, Titanium alloy, Magnesium alloy.....etc.

(9)Some different parts can be combined in one body :

Some different parts can be combined in one body, which can reduce cost, processing steps, and can improve a mechanical character, precise dimension.

(10)Net shape of parts :

The precision casting is more suitable to make the net shape parts ,and can reduce the weight of part greatly.